October 2014
PeakTrace 5.61 released.

May 2104
PeakTrace RP 5.31 released.

April 2014.
PeakTrace 5.20 released.


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Advice and protocols for improving sequencing DNA quality

PeakTrace Basecaller

The PeakTrace basecaller is a alternative Sanger DNA sequencing basecaller for improving the readlength and quality of ABI sequencing traces that has been developed by Nucleics. It provides from 15% to 100% more high quality bases as compared to basecallers such as ABI KB basecaller or phred. In addition to offering more data, it improves the DNA peak resolution making it easier to manually check the basecall. PeakTrace is able to basecall DNA sequencing trace files collected by the ABI 377, ABI 310, ABI 3700, ABI 3100, ABI 3130, ABI 3500, ABI 3730, ABI 3730xl, MegaBACE 1000 and MegaBACE 4000 DNA sequencers.

The images below shows a typical example obtained from a 50cm ABI 3730 trace file. The top image was basecalled with PeakTrace and the second is the original ABI KB basecaller trace.

PeakTrace Basecaller

PeakTrace Processed Trace

KB Basecaller

KB basecalled Trace

You can trial PeakTrace for free on your own traces by visiting the PeakTrace Online page. Foir further information of PeakTrace please download our PeakTrace Whitepaper.

Auto PeakTrace RP

Auto PeakTrace RP is a user installable version of the Auto PeakTrace PeakTrace software which allows users to upload their traces to the PeakTrace server using the Auto PeakTrace RP software and have them processed automatically. You can find out more about PeakTrace RP by visiting the PeakTrace DNA basecaller information page or the PeakTrace FAQ page.

Auto PeakTrace RP mail window